Why Remote Work?

Interview with Greg Van Horn, CEO & Co-founder of Launch Potato

How’d you get hooked on technology?

I was a self-labeled computer geek in high school. I started building websites for family and friends and then went on E-Lance to underbid overseas firms on development projects. I had zero idea what I was doing at first, but the more projects I took on the more proficient I became.

One company I consulted for brought me on as their Head of Technology part-time while I was still in high school. It became a full-time opportunity once I graduated-- this was the formal beginning of my career in technology. I gradually went from developer to digital marketer as my projects and network expanded.

I’ve since built and sold numerous multi-million dollar companies. As a serial entrepreneur, founder, and CEO I continue to invest in new and innovative ideas which tie to our mission at Launch Potato, building and scaling digital brands. 

Why do you support remote work?

I've been working on the Internet since I was 16, working with my mother's computer in New Jersey. I know I can be effective no matter where I am, whether it's here in South Florida or on a beach in Mexico. (Unless there's bad wifi, I hate bad wifi!) 

Why did Launch Potato decide to invest in remote teams from the beginning?

We work with the best and brightest no matter where they are in the world. I believe that if we're building a company of talented, high-performers, they will also feel the same about working effectively whether it's in an office or at home. Hence we built Launch Potato as a distributed team from day one.

Our distributed team is effective and we're able to accomplish things quickly with a small, close-knit group.

Want to work from a beach? As long as you're driven and exceeding expectations, why not?! Life is too short to not do what you want.

Do you ever get to meet your remote team members?

Yes, we love to have team members visit headquarters in Delray Beach, FL. Plus we have 2 annual retreats per year! We've met team members for the first time in places like Park City, Utah, Barcelona, Austin, and Key West. Maybe where you live is next!

How do you cultivate the company’s culture in a remote work environment?

We try to overcommunicate business strategy, product goals, and revenue numbers. We're extremely transparent and work hard to create an atmosphere of trust and fun using the right technology.

What are your favorite tools for remote team communication?

Slack, Gsuite, Zoom, Asana, Giphy : D

What do you look for in remote employees?

We hire very ambitious and analytical team members who love to hustle and share our core values. In order to be a remote employee, you need to be a subject matter expert with a true passion for your craft. A sense of humor is a must-have. We take our work seriously but have a lot of fun! These traits are what create a sustainable, profitable business where the entire team can share success.

What is your hiring process for remote workers?

We take our hiring process extremely seriously. We always request info about your experience and answers to some questions that help us see if we'd be a good match for each other.

Then we'll set up a series of video calls to tell you more about Launch Potato and the role. Each discussion will give you a different perspective and understanding of the role. If that goes well you meet the rest of the team. At the end of our process, we want to ensure you have all your questions answered and are pumped up about the opportunity to work with us. If the feeling is mutual we move quickly to offer.

What’s the best piece of advice you can share with an applicant?

Don't apply for a job you aren't passionate about. If you want to interview with us be thorough in your responses and make sure the role is the right fit for you.

If someone is interested in becoming a “Potatohead” where do they apply?

Check out our careers page but don’t just apply, make sure you read through who we are and how we think, if what you read resonates then apply away! 

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