Launch Potato receives CJ Excellence Award for Collaboration

PRESS RELEASE | September 13, 2023 | Launch Potato, alongside its leading personal finance brand, has been awarded a CJ Excellence Award of High Commendation for its ongoing partnership with Bank of America.

CJ Excellence Awards, sponsored by CJ (formerly Commission Junction), are given at the annual CJU conference, recognizing the world's most innovative organizations in performance marketing. Launch Potato and Bank of America were recognized in the Collaboration category.

From the start of the partnership, the effective communication, seamless collaboration, and frequent optimization efforts between Launch Potato and Bank of America yielded extraordinary results.

The proactive sharing of crucial information, including market trends, competitive insights, and overarching strategies, allowed Launch Potato to achieve a profound and mutual understanding of Bank of America's priorities and ensured seamless alignment between both brands.

Launch Potato's dedicated team of credit card account management, compliance, and optimization experts set a strong compliance foundation for Bank of America that prioritized protection and trust.

Through its comprehensive marketing and content strategy, Launch Potato quickly drove scale across Bank of America credit card products, exceeding Bank of America's campaign goals.

About Launch Potato

Launch Potato is a digital media company with a portfolio of brands and technologies. As The Discovery and Conversion Company, Launch Potato is a leading connector of advertisers to customers at all parts of the consumer journey, from awareness to consideration to purchase. Launch Potato’s brands and technologies help customers discover new products and services that improve their lives.

The company is headquartered in vibrant downtown Delray Beach, Florida, with a unique international team across over a dozen countries. A pioneering advocate of remote work, Launch Potato's success comes from a diverse, energetic culture and a high-performing, entrepreneurial team. The company is always looking for like-minded teammates and partners.

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