Launch Potato Recognized as Leader in B2C Customer Service

PRESS RELEASE | October 5, 2020 | Launch Potato, a technology company that connects advertisers to qualified customers, announces it has been named a winner of the Customer Service Awards 2020, presented by Help Scout. Help Scout is a leading customer support software platform. 

In its inaugural year the Customer Service Awards recognized Launch Potato as a Top 25 B2C business of the year due to its commitment to the customer experience and providing personalized support to over 1 million consumers. Launch Potato was chosen out of over 10,000 businesses. 

“One of the challenges of scaling quickly is ensuring new customers have exceptional customer experience in every touchpoint with our brands. Earlier this year we further developed our Customer Service leadership internally by increasing headcount and prioritizing productivity to sustain market-leading standards. Launch Potato holds the customer experience in the highest regard and has implemented a robust, highly-rated, 24/7 customer service solution,” said Christine Yaged, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Launch Potato. "Help Scout's flexible platform has supported our growth goals and has aided in measuring progress.” 

Help Scout identified top companies by using the Help Scout Happiness Score, a report built to measure customer satisfaction ratings. The Happiness Score evaluates comments and ratings to identify trends in team performance. 

“According to our most recent Happiness Score, more than 17,000 respondents rated Launch Potato's customer service at a 92% satisfaction level. We continue to focus on maintaining a less than 24 hour average response time for all customer issues,” said Greg Van Horn, CEO of Launch Potato. 

With a focus on delivering excellence, Launch Potato continues to gain notable achievements through its owned and operated digital brands. 

About Launch Potato

The world’s fastest-growing brands choose Launch Potato for their most critical area of growth, customer acquisition. 

Launch Potato is a digital marketing company that provides customer acquisition solutions through its own and operated portfolio of brands and technologies. The company has been a pioneering advocate of remote work, and its success has been predicated on its diverse, energetic culture and high-performing, entrepreneurial team. 

Launch Potato believes in building teams that can solve complex problems using smart marketing, excellent engineering, data science, and fun! Launch Potato is hiring. Find open positions on the careers page.

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