Front-End Engineer, Marketing

You'll be responsible for developing and testing compelling user experiences for an existing, highly successful B2C brand with millions of visitors per month.

This is not "just" a front-end developer role -- this is an entrepreneurial position that requires a combined passion for marketing, consumer psychology, and conversion optimization.

If your passion for metrics and analytics compliment your knowledge of web development, a full-time position awaits you in our Delray Beach office. Remote possible for the right team member. Minimum 3+ years of hands-on experience.

Who We Are

Launch Potato is a profitable startup studio that incubates and launches mobile and web companies on our proprietary technology stack.

We are building teams that can solve complex issues in product development, engineering, creative, and data science. Now we need you!

This position would work on a product that is already existing under the LP umbrella and optimally poised for high growth over the next year.

We have flexible architecture and an adaptable Engineering Team that is supportive of new ideas and developer styles.

The Role - TL;DR

This is an amazing opportunity to implement robust front-end abstractions and systems for a proven digital brand.

You’re a product-focused engineer who loves the freedom and ownership to take over a project and grow it.

You’ll be responsible for ensuring the user experience is extremely sticky and take full ownership of delivering clean code that renders quickly and beautifully across browsers, devices and email inboxes.

Still Interested? Read On

Among your core responsibilities will be testing new user experiences, assessing performance, and quickly making changes to increase user engagement.

You love innovative user experiences that also meet marketing and business goals, and you’ll use the freedom given in this role to aggressively research, develop and implement new ideas.

As an expert in HTML5, CSS3, JS and responsive design techniques, you’ll look at cross-browser/application issues with a positive attitude, and more importantly you’ll identify and creatively resolve coding challenges to work around them.

You’ll work directly with the Engineering & Marketing Teams. Because you’re highly motivated and enjoy working in a tight-knit group, you’ll proactively communicate progress and challenges to the team.

You’ll also be aware of changing trends so you can contribute intelligently to our team of highly trained and passionate professionals.

The Perks

• Create delightful user interfaces for an existing profitable business with high-volume traffic

• Energetic, fun startup culture

• Work directly with founding team, 4 young Internet execs who successfully developed and scaled double-digit million dollar online businesses from the ground up in the past decade

• International exposure working with an amazing, talented team distributed across US, Europe and Asia

• Unlimited career growth

Who We're Looking For

• Minimum 3+ years of engineering experience with a proven track record of building consumer web applications or services

• Self-starter who is passionate about meeting marketing goals and proactively implements new ideas

• Ability to traverse the entire "front-end stack" from PSD to code

• Excellent understanding of web markup including HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design techniques

• Deeply familiar with JS frameworks and other libraries, including jQuery

• Good knowelge of analytics and tracking platforms (Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Snowplow, email platforms)

• Experience using testing tools such as Optimizely

• Passionate about high-quality code; proficient understanding of cross-browser and cross-device compatibility issues and ways to solve them

• Comfortable making in-code visual design decisions in order to ship code faster

• Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git

• Proven ability to manage project plans & adhere to deadlines

• Excellent project management skills and comfortable working in fast-paced environment

• In-depth knowledge of current UI trends and strategically planning for future

• Fluency in English

Know A Bit About These? Even Better.

• Ad Serving Technology and Tags (Google Adsense,, Adzerk)

• Familiar with server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS

• Strong command-line skills

• Familiarity with Photoshop

• Experience working for an online B2C company



Our normal team work hours are roughly 10am-5pm ET M-F. However, we are a distributed digital team and there may be late/early meetings due to different time zones. We always try to work with everyone's schedules but at times there may be meetings earlier in the morning and later at night.

We communicate throughout the day using Slack and Asana and several times a week using Google Hangouts. You'll be expected to actively participate in these discussions and be an active, awesome contributing member of our team!

Want to be a Part of a Successful, High-Growth Company? Join the LP Team!

Send your resume and the information below to with a subject line that includes “{Your Name}”

* Applications without the information below will not be considered.

1. Brief cover letter that explains Why You're Qualified For This Role

2. Link to your public code repository (GitHub, Bit Bucket etc)

3. Provide links to your portfolio and attach samples of pages and/or emails you’ve personally built yourself

4. Rank yourself 0-10 (0 being completely unfamiliar, 10 being expert in your field) on your skillset with the following:


* CSS3

* Javascript

* Advanced CSS animation

* Python

* Photoshop


5. Which parts of marketing and analytics excite you the most?

6. Describe a recent technical challenge you experienced and how you solved it.

7. List 3 websites whose UI/UX you like. Include a brief description why.

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